Fact Sheets: Harry Kotlar & Company

Fact Sheets: Harry Kotlar & Company


Published in the June 2012 issue

SIGNATURE STYLE: Contemporary design meets classic elegance. The brand is well known for its Kotlar Cushion diamonds, which are set in platinum with exquisite workmanship exemplified by trademark artisan pavé.

LATEST COLLECTION: The new bridal collection combines vintage details and Art Deco styling to create a big look at lower price points. Designed specially as “bridal for the next generation,” retail prices range from $2,600 - $6,000 for platinum semimounts.

Q&A with Harry Kotlar

Q: How does being a third generation jeweler impact your business?
A: We’re able to build on the traditions and history of a family business. Our business relies on relationships that were created, maintained, and expanded through three generations. It’s these long term relationships that provide the foundation for our future growth.

Q: What materials and cuts are inspiring you this year?
A: Platinum is still our metal of choice; its durability is amazing! We produced several two-tone pieces that combine platinum with rose or yellow gold to accent or highlight the diamond center stone. Kotlar Cushions are very hot this year. Cushions in general continue to be our most askedfor fancy cut.

TOP RETAILERS: 1. Tiny Jewel Box, Washington, DC 2. Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, Baton Rouge, LA 3. Tivol, Kansas City, MO 4. London Jewelers, Manhasset, NY

RETAILER REVIEW: “Harry Kotlar brings integrity to our diamond department. The uniqueness of their designs, attention to detail, and topnotch quality create a collection of masterpieces in our showcase. Our clients desire this level of perfection and we can sell it with confidence and pride.” — Danielle Lateur, Shreve & Co., San Francisco, CA

Fact Sheets: Harry Kotlar & Company

Halo platinum ring with 5.02-carat Kotlar Cushion diamond set in an artisan pavé shank.
MSRP: $266,755


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