IDEX Online Polished Price Changes – July 2, 2015

by Danielle Max

(Press Release) There was some price movement this week, with smaller stones showing negative changes. Diamonds sized between 1.5-3 carats had the most changes, especially in the lower colors and better clarities, with prices increasing up to 4 percent.

Smaller and larger fancy-cut diamonds experienced very little price movement, with most increases taking place in stones above 0.45 carats.

Following are some of the main changes in this week's IDEX Online Diamond Price Report.

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  • 0.18-0.22 cts G / VVS1 and H / VVS2 down 3%. J / VVS2 down 4%
  • 0.23-0.29 cts D-E / VVS1 down 2%
  • 0.30-0.39 cts J / VVS2-VS1 up 3%
  • 0.40-0.44 cts H / VS2 down 2% and K / SI2 down 3%.
  • 0.45-0.49 cts J / I1 up 4%
  • 0.50-0.69 cts no change
  • 0.70-0.79 cts some positive changes including J / IF and K / SI2-3 up 3%
  • 0.80-0.89 cts E / VVS1 down 3% and M / VS2 up 3%
  • 0.90-0.99 cts some positive changes including G / SI1-2 up 2-3.5%
  • 1.00-1.24 cts D, H and M / VVS1 up 2-3% and I and M / SI1 up 3%
  • 1.25-1.49 cts D / IF up 3% and J-K / I1 down 3%
  • 1.50-1.99 cts K / SI1+ up 2-4% and L / SI1-3 up 2-3%
  • 2 cts many changes in the lower colors and better qualities up 3-4%
  • 3 cts K / IF up 3%
  • 4 cts H / VVS2 up 3%
  • 5 cts L-N / VS1-SI1 up 2-3%

Fancy Cuts

  • 0.18-0.22 cts no change
  • 0.23-0.29 cts no change
  • 0.30-0.39 cts changes including F-H / VVS2 up 3% and E and G / VS2 up 3%
  • 0.40-0.44 cts changes including D-E / SI1 up 2%
  • 0.45-0.49 cts changes including D-E / SI1-I1 up 2-3.5%
  • 0.50-0.69 cts D-I / VVS1-SI2 up 2-4%
  • 0.70-0.79 cts a few changes including D / SI1 and H / VVS1-2 up 2%
  • 0.80-0.89 cts changes including H / VVSI+ up 3%
  • 0.90-0.99 cts changes including F-H / SI2 up 2-2.5%
  • 1.00-1.24 cts changes including F / VVS2+ up 2-3% and H / VVS1-VS2 up 2%
  • 1.25-1.49 cts G / VVS2+ up 1-3%
  • 1.50-1.99 cts changes including D / VVS1-3 up 3% and H and VS1-2 up 2.5%
  • 2 cts changes including D and H / VVS1 up 3% and F-G and K-L / VS2 up 2-3%
  • 3 cts M / SI3 up 4%
  • 4 cts N / SI3 up 4%
  • 5 cts I / VVS2 up 3%
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Long’s Jewelers Reacts Quickly to Gay Marriage Supreme Court Ruling

(Press Release) Just as many Americans reacted enthusiastically to the historic Supreme Court decision on Friday, June 26, Long’s Jewelers wanted to celebrate the nationwide adoption of marriage equality.

With just a few hours on Friday afternoon before the Boston Globe’s deadline, Long’s created an advertisement showing its support of the decision and of the LGBT community as a whole.

The design with the words “It’s About Time” captured Long’s excitement and reflected its long-existing support and involvement in the LGBT community.

Long’s has been a big supporter of Boston Spirit Magazine, the leading New England LGBT publication. Running this ad in the Boston Globe, the area’s largest newspaper, was a natural extension of that support.

Long’s Jewelers Marketing Ambassador Sarah Johansson said, “We are thrilled to commemorate this victory in American history and to continue supporting the road to equality. We are proud to live in a country where love wins.”

The ad ran on Sunday June 28th and there was an immediate outpouring of customer support and even several purchase inquiries regarding the featured watch.

For more information please visit

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United Gemco Joins GemFind’s Social Product Network JewelCloud

(Press Release) United Gemco is the latest vendor to join JewelCloud, the fast-growing social product network from leading technology provider GemFind.

In JewelCloud, United Gemco can easily feed limited edition products straight to retail websites and retailers can provide a full, current inventory to customers. In the JewelCloud, United Gemco can also connect with new retail leads.

United Gemco’s diverse collections join more than 100,000 products from hundreds of the most trusted vendors in the industry, including Hearts on Fire, Vanna K, Simon G. Jewelry , Gem Platinum and many others.

GemFind is proud to feature United Gemco’s innovative handcrafted jewelry representing more than 300 skilled craftsmen. Their unusual, limited edition jewelry transcends trends and incorporates gold, silver, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, and many unconventional materials.

JewelCloud is part of an innovative lineup of tools including Diamond Link, Ring Builder, Stud Builder, Pendant Builder and many Facebook apps for vendors as well as retailers.

Visit for more information on JewelCloud and for more information about United Gemco.

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JVC Introduces New Guide to Intellectual Property Law

(Press Release) The Jewelers Vigilance Committee has released “I’ve Got An Idea! JVC’s Guide to Intellectual Property Law.”

This handbook is intended for any business in the jewelry industry that is interested in learning more about how to protect their intellectual property.

Sponsored by Kwiat, this book will provide legal education to a large segment of JVC’s membership and those who create intellectual property, whether that takes the form of designs, inventions, or brands.

It also runs as a companion piece to the JVC’s “Guide to Selling Jewelry in the 21st Century: Legal Compliance for Designers, Independent Jewelers, and Online Sellers”, adding to the valuable compliance information included there.

The guide includes information on a myriad of intellectual property topics. These include protecting jewelry designs through copyright law, protecting brand names, slogans and logos through trademark law, protecting inventions and industrial designs through patent law, and other forms of intellectual property. It also includes real-life examples and step-by-step instructions for applying to register your copyright or trademark.

"Understanding intellectual property law is extremely important for any business. This guide will help everyone in the business of designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling jewelry and jewelry supplies understand how to protect their valuable creations, but not infringe on the rights of others," said Cecilia Gardner, JVC's President and CEO.

The guide costs $20 for JVC members, and $25 for non-members, and is available for purchase by calling the JVC at 212-997-2002.

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