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"I often get the question from jewelers: Does radio still work?" says Bruce Freshley of Freshley Media. "With all the 'new media,' who still listens? Well, the answer is about 92.5 percent of all persons 18 and over, according to the Radio Advertising Bureau." Some markets are stronger than others, Freshley says, but radio remains a cost-effective medium where a well-crafted creative message can reach a lot of people near your store. "I was just reviewing one of our clients' sales growth since starting our program," he says. "Bridal sales alone were up over $800,000 in just the last two years!"


LUISA: In football, you get a penalty for excessive celebration. No whooping, hollering, or dancing, no matter how excited you are. Hi, this is Luisa. At Luisa Graff Jewelers, there are no penalties for excessive celebration. On Christmas morning, that'll be a very good thing, because there will be some dancing going on when your baby opens up that jewelry box from Luisa Graff Jewelers. You'll be dancing, knowing that you received great savings with our after-Thanksgiving specials. A diamond bracelet that's $549 now only $249. Diamond earrings that were $899 - special: $499. And pearl strands from $79 down to $39. Avoid the traffic! Come to Luisa Graff Jewelers and surprise her with incredible, game-winning gifts. Luisa Graff Jewelers: Helping you be her favorite Santa.

"Personal Homecoming"
Davis Jewelers

Here's Hank and Ashley Davis from Davis Jewelers.

The greatest gift of all is the gift of ourselves.

So when Luke called us from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, all of us at Davis Jewelers went into action.

Luke's girlfriend Becka had searched high and low for her engagement ring, and she found it here at Davis Jewelers. The challenge for Luke, of course, was buying the ring from halfway around the world - and then keeping it a secret.

You see, Luke was coming home and wanted to surprise Becka, so between emails and phone calls, we got it done.

Fresh off the plane, Luke came to Davis Jewelers, picked up Becka's ring, went to her apartment, and decorated it for his own homecoming.

Becka came home to find Luke on one knee holding the ring of her dreams.

You see, he was her homecoming gift. Thank you, Luke and Becka. It really was our honor.

Because at Davis's personal.

Good Sportsmanship
Luisa Graff Jewelers, Colorado Springs, CO

Luisa Graff's "Excessive Celebration" spot does a nice job of approaching jewelry advertising from a different angle: By highlighting football from the outset, it catches the attention of guys who might otherwise tune out. And the simple play on words reminds men how happy a gift of jewelry will make their women come Christmas morning.

A Warm Welcome
Davis Jewelers, Louisville, KY

Freshley Media produced this spot for Davis Jewelers, which tells the true story of a customer serving overseas in the armed forces and returning home to surprise his girlfriend with a ring. It does a great job of showing how happy the store is to accommodate clients and tugs at the heartstrings to remind listeners why jewelry matters.

Award Winners
Randy's Jewelry, O'Fallon, MO

"That's just one of my favorite ads we've ever done," says Randy Hudson of this spot, which opens with a portentous drumroll, before the announcer gives the "Award for Best Shoppers of the Year" to the customers of Randy's Jewelry. The store has been named best jewelry store in the county 12 of the last 13 years, and the ad was Hudson's way of thanking the clients who voted for them.



Female announcer
And the award for Best Shoppers of the Year goes to ... Randy's Jewelry customers! [Cheering]

They know the staff at Randy's Jewelry sets the standard for the best prices on high-quality jewelry in St. Charles County. Randy's Jewelry customers have exquisite pieces and enjoy impeccable customer service on every visit. Three generations of smart shoppers can't be wrong. Head to Randy's Jewelry, where they make quality affordable.

Randy's Jewelry, on Main Street in O'Fallon.

Argumentum Ad Absurdum
R.F. Moeller Jeweler, Minnesota

Mark Moeller has appeared in a series of ads over the last two decades arguing with his stores' spokesperson, Minneapolis radio personality Tom Mischke. Their absurd exchanges are unforced, articulate and hilarious — more entertaining than most actual radio programming — and create a sense that Moeller is the very opposite of a stuffy jeweler.

Mark: Tommy, these ads you're doing for RF Moeller Jeweler, they're just not working. You're way too hostile. It's not a recipe for success.

Tom: Not a recipe for success. You had one store when I started; you have three now. You've been having record months this year. Best in your 60-year history. Don't give me this "It ain't workin'" crap.

Mark: See what I mean? You're argumentative, OK? If this was your jewelry store —

Tom: IF?! This is my jewelry store! It's as much mine as yours.

Mark: What?

Tom: It's like having a foster kid for 15 years. Someone can come along and say that's not really your kid, but who are they to make that claim?

Mark: Where did you get foster kid?

Tom: RF Moeller Jeweler is bigger than you. You're a cog, Mark, a cog in a larger machine. I'm a key piece of that machine.

Mark: No, no, no, Tommy. You're finished.

Tom: You think I'm finished. You wanna take it from me? Pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Mark: Boy, you need some psychiatric help.

Tom: Been there, done that. You wanna hear the story?

Mark: No, not really.

Tom: When I was a little boy, I got a puppy. It was crushed by an ice cream truck during my birthday ...

RF Moeller Jeweler. Best spokesman? Maybe not. Best diamond, best price — guaranteed. Edina, Highland Village and downtown Minneapolis.

A Stern Talking-To
Steven Singer Jewelers, Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia jeweler has a reputation for being edgy — his slogan "I hate Steven Singer!" invites men to resent his success and how their girlfriends and wives expect them to patronize Singer's business — and he has been advertising with Howard Stern since well before the shock jock moved to Sirius satellite radio. The on-air shout-outs from Stern and crew reach precisely the young male market Singer is targeting.

[Howard Stern]
The fact of the matter is, everybody from the show goes to Steven Singer Jewelers for jewelry, including Robyn --

[Co-Host Robyn Quivers]
Every crazy one of us.

Ronnie, Gary, Will Murray, Jason Kaplan, and even Richard Christy. Everyone can shop with him, too, either at the corner of Eighth and Walnut or online at Listen up! This is real important. Steven Singer's famous gold-dipped roses are now available. Why Valentine's Day already? Because! These things sell out.

They are beautiful and they do sell out --

Every year.

before Valentine's Day every year.

Every year, these gold roses sell out. So order early. Can you imagine a real long-stemmed rose dipped in 24-karat pure gold? They last forever, they come with a lifetime guarantee, women love them and display them proudly year-round. Robyn even has a few roses from Steven Singer. It comes shipped in a free beautiful gift box, personalized with your free card from Steven Singer Jewelers. Don't forget: Steven offers every customer free shipping in the United States. All just $59. It's so easy. Order your roses online at, or call 1 triple-8 I HATE STEVEN SINGER and have a personal shopper assist you for only $59. You're gonna get the best Valentine's Day gift ever. Most women collect them into a beautiful bouquet. This is the number one Valentine's gift.


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