Appraisers International Begins Online Course

The AISociety-Appraisers International Society (AIS) begins global, online, offerings of its AiCertification2015 with the Feb-2nd live, AiResidence sessions of its 5-course series of Valuation Appraisal courses to AIStandard v4.0 for gems, jewelry, watches and other personal property.

AIS Founder & President Elly Rosen is widely recognized as the pioneer of professional personal property valuation and appraisal education, testing, certification and referrals. He headed up the first professional personality program ever offered from its start in 1982, serving as primary developer and instructor for the first, formative development decade of 1982-1993.

Since 2011, advanced, global, multi-specialty AIS Accredited International Valuers from seven countries on four continents worked with Elly in twice weekly live, audio-video sessions in AiCertification's state of the art online classroom.

All told, over 3,000-hours were devoted to development of the AISociety’s live, online, Global Valuation AIStandard, advancing 2010's Version-3 to 2015's Version-4.

AiGovernance Chair, Bill Korst, a Minneapolis gem dealer and appraiser, says about AiCertification: “AIS educational programs are especially dedicated to those who wish to take valuation and related appraisal services to a whole new level. The AIS advanced program leads the way to get you to the top of the Valuation & Appraisal profession for all valuation and appraisal needs, in all free market economies and global jurisdictions. Though I was educated, tested and certified as an appraiser through all of the major appraisal organizations since 1981, no program out there comes close to what is offered in the 250-classroomhours of the 5-course, Triple-Crown Diploma programs of AIS”.

AiGovernor and Residential Contents Division Chair, Randeen Cummings of Eugene, OR, an appraiser with 30-plus years of experience with antiques, collectibles, art, estate jewelry and residential contents said: “In my experience with 3-decades of courses, the depth of professional appraisal instruction in AIS courses is the best available, with principles applicable to all personal property.”

Registration information is available at

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GIA Will Exhibit Dreher Sculptures

More than 20 intricately carved and lifelike animal sculptures by world-renowned gemstone carvers Gerd and Patrick Dreher will go on exhibit at Gemological Institute of America’s world headquarters in Carlsbad, CA beginning Feb. 19.

The Dreher family, whose legacy dates back five generations, is part of the 600-year gemstone carving tradition in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, a major center for the cutting and carving of gems. “Generations of Mastery: Gemstone Carvings by Dreher” will be on view through summer 2015.  

“Pieces by the Dreher family are among the most admired gemstone carvings in the world,” said Terri Ottaway, curator of the GIA Museum. “Their sophisticated designs and artistry have been refined and passed down through generations. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to share the Dreher family’s extraordinary craftsmanship.”

Known for its one-of-a-kind gemstone carvings, particularly animal sculptures, the House of Dreher has created celebrated pieces since the late 1800s. In the mid-twentieth century, the family gained further acclaim for their work with design house Fabergé. Today, their carvings can be seen in museums around the world and in private collections. Dreher creates sculptures using many different gem materials, but a favorite of the design house is natural agate from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The more than 20 gem carvings in GIA’s “Generations of Mastery: Gemstone Carvings by Dreher” exhibit depict lifelike animals such as a chameleon, a starfish, and a frog perched on a lily pad. The Drehers are known for their extensive study of animals and other creatures, drawing from as many as 500 photos of each subject to create the superb detail in their works of art. Pieces in the exhibit include jasper, agate, tourmaline, ruby in zoisite, smoky quartz and grossular garnet.

The pieces exhibited are on loan from the Larson family of Fallbrook, CA. Bill Larson, owner of Pala International, is a well-known collector and connoisseur of gems, minerals and carvings.

“Generations of Mastery: Gemstone Carvings by Dreher” will be on display from Feb. 19 through summer 2015. GIA’s museum is free and open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Reservations are required and must be made at least 24 hours in advance by emailing or calling 800-421-7250, ext. 4116 or 760-603-4116.

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Late Scott Kay’s New Collection to Debut on Sunday

The one-hour premiere of “Scott Kay Jewelry Designs” is scheduled to be broadcast live on QVC Sunday, February 1 at 9 AM (ET) with a second one-hour show at 3 PM (ET) the same day.

Tiffany Kay, Scott Kay’s daughter and co-creator of the unique collection, will present the pieces on air.

“It will be an honor to continue my father’s legacy and the exciting new journey we have with QVC,” said Kay. “He had a story to tell with a message of faith, deep-rooted dedication, and to never compromise.  I can’t wait to personally connect with the QVC customer and share the stories that inspired each design.”

“Other jewelry brands have enjoyed greater consumer awareness through their presence on QVC. We’re excited about the opportunity to expand the reach of Scott’s incredible fashion designs and the halo effect it brings to our bridal jewelry,” commented David Minster, Scott Kay CEO.

The Scott Kay collection at QVC includes a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that are crafted in sterling silver and set with gemstones and Diamonique simulated gemstones. The line was created with the hope to inspire the lives of QVC's customers with the messages that shaped every design. 

“We are eager to share Scott Kay’s vision with our customer,” said Diane Paccione, QVC’s vice president of merchandising for beauty and jewelry. “Having Tiffany present the collection and share her father’s inspiration will resonate with our viewers who value the stories behind the pieces they see on QVC.”

For more information about Scott Kay’s collection on QVC please visit

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Designer Rotenier Introduces DVD Courses

Paris-trained jewelry designer and teacher Rémy Rotenier of Rémy Design has introduced two DVD courses.

The first, Counter Sketching Jewelry, teaches how to make black and white custom design sketches on paper in front of a client.

The second, Color Rendering of Jewelry, instructs how to render jewelry designs into finished paintings that can be presented to customers. The two courses encapsulate classes that Rotenier has taught at jewelry and design schools for years, and incorporate skills he has learned in 30 years as a professional designer.

Course 1: Black and White Counter Sketching

In Counter Sketching Jewelry, Rotenier teaches pencil and paper sketching to quickly capture ideas and bring to life a design concept in front of a client. He explains the materials jewelers need to sketch, and how to organically draw gemstones and jewelry in three dimensions. He also teaches how light hits opaque, metallic, and transparent objects differently as they are drawn. Concepts such as perspective, values (shades of color from light to dark), and shadows are thoroughly covered.

"It's really important if you sell custom jewelry to learn how to draw a little bit," says Rotenier. "Even in this era of so many digital design options, the ability to free-hand draw is impressive. You're able to get into clients' heads and really deliver the individualized design they want. When you sketch in real time, you also gain their trust that you have skills as a jewelry artist. You've shown them that you're not afraid to grab a piece of paper and start drawing. It gives clients a greater level of respect for the complexity and detail that go into creating a piece of jewelry. And there's no question it will help you close more sales."

Retail sales associates, students, jewelry makers, and designers can all benefit from Counter Sketching Jewelry's lessons. A special section of the DVD offers Rotenier's advice on working with custom clients, gained through many years of personal experience. He offers insight into many customers' fears and worries about the design process and costs. Jewelers also learn how to set up a comfortable space to relax clients and establish trust. The designer coaches custom jewelers in how to subtly observe a customer's style, talk about budget, and listen carefully.

Course 2: Color Rendering of Jewelry

In the second course, Color Rendering of Jewelry, Rotenier teaches the classic European tradition of color hand rendering, which he himself learned in Paris. The course takes students though basic techniques, and on to the higher level art of rendering metals and gemstones into professional-quality gouache presentation paintings.

"Though CAD renderings are amazing, there is something romantic about having the ability to design a painting of exceptional realism, vitality, and sparkle," says Rotenier. "Gouache paints are heavier and more opaque than simple watercolors, and have been used by jewelry artists and the great jewelry design houses for centuries. To present such a gift to your clients is to enhance their experience of buying something hand made. It also links them with jewelry's long history and commemorates their own personal journey in buying a bespoke object, in a sublimely memorable way."

Rémy Design's DVDS were produced in collaboration with Blaine Lewis, founder of the New Approach School for Jewelers, Franklin TN. They employ the same advanced, high-magnification video and multiple camera angles that Lewis uses to teach his jewelry making classes. Each two-disc course includes downloadable digital files of helpful worksheets and design guides developed specifically for the DVDs.

"Rémy takes viewers carefully through the drawing process, building skills layer-upon-layer in a very easy-to-follow manner," says Lewis. "One of the reasons I love to have him teach at New Approach is that he is such a dynamic teacher and breaks down concepts with such clarity and simplicity. You can take a beginner and truly build confidence using this style of teaching. These DVDs are an instructional breakthrough in that regard. Also, while many electronic sketching courses attempt to cover the subject in just an hour, Rémy's DVD courses are more than three hours in length each, and are much more in-depth."

Rotenier has been working for international jewelry houses in Paris and the United States for 30 years. The designer currently creates collections from the most affordable to the high end, and accepts custom design commissions. He also teaches at leading design and jewelry schools across the United States and trains designers and sales associates at major jewelry companies and retail stores, along with tutoring and mentoring private students.

Each DVD can be purchased for $175 through the Rio Grande catalog at

For more information about Rémy Design, visit

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