Trace Shelton

Trace Shelton

Trace Shelton is Editor-in-Chief of INDESIGN Magazine and Contributing Editor of INSTORE. His current favorite topics to cover include social media, marketing, and store environment, but you could also get him excited about merchandising and sales if you’ve got something new to say.

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Have you ever felt excited, happy, frustrated or cautious about an issue/initiative/technology affecting our industry? Have you ever read our magazines and thought, “They should have interviewed me for that story – I could have told them a few things”? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Write on Monday, 19 January 2015 Published in Customer Service

About 15 years ago, my two brothers and I decided to pool some of our comic book collections and hit the trade show circuit selling comics. Why? Because we loved comics when we were kids, and this was a way to connect to the industry beyond simply reading them. After a few years of traveling all over Texas every few weekends and never doing much more than covering our costs, we gave it up, and our comics sat dormant… until last year, when my 20-year-old son, Rob, talked us into doing a new show in the smallish city of Victoria, TX.

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As the red carpet rolled out for last night’s Golden Globe Awards, jewelry and fashion watchers took to Twitter to offer commentary – and as they were observing the hottest entertainment industry celebs, I was observing the observers. Anyone who’s followed jewelry style watchers during a “tweet-a-thon” knows they get a bit testy when a) celebrities aren’t wearing interesting jewelry (or worse, like Katie Holmes, no jewelry at all), or b) red carpet hosts don’t ask celebs about their jewelry.

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Austin, TX-based jewelry designer Shaesby Scott knows what it’s like to try to make a living as a local artist. In fact, he began his own career making furniture and sculptures before discovering a love for jewelry while living in Rio de Janeiro. He set up shop in his garage back in 2001, making each piece by hand. Today, his pieces are distributed across the country and even internationally – but he’ll never forget his roots.

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As jewelry retailers enter the home stretch of the Christmas shopping season, the U.S. Department of Commerce is reporting that retail sales rose 0.7% in November despite a weaker than usual Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend. The reasons? Cheaper gas and an improving job market.