We just closed a location we’ve had for 40-plus years to relocate to a brand new store. We had to shut down operations for five days. It took each day to load the safes, cases, inventory and all the decades of “collecting.” We had customers who literally stepped over the moving trucks’ loading inclines, walked past the "Closed" signage, and entered the chaos of our showroom floor. At this point, they couldn’t understand why we were not able to 1) replace watch batteries; 2) repair bent prongs; 3) appraise items bought elsewhere; 4) order watch crystals. It was difficult to nicely explain that the instruments and tools we needed were probably in that large truck that they just maneuvered around to enter. We maintained our good manners to acknowledge and engage these dear customers, but perhaps we should have had a parking lot attendant to run interference. Lessons learned: Some folks just don’t use common sense. — Wendy Smith, Jimmy Smith Jewelers, Decatur, AL


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A Worry-Free Way to Close Shop

Ron Pierro, owner of Pierro's Jewelers in Brandenton, Florida, chose Wilkerson to run his going out of business sale. From marketing to on-site sale management, Wilkerson did it all--giving Ron the kind of closure that only comes from trusting the best. Wilkerson.


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