Love INSTORE's consistency in management articles and calendar of things to be doing. I also love the Chicago show and its multi-faceted venues. Thanks for tweaking the times between seminars so we could peruse the vendor isles and displays... You are making success and business individuality come easier in Baton Rouge! Thanks and thanks.
Sandy Lux

Saunders Lux, Jeweler LLC

Love the magazine. I have been a fan from the beginning. It is easy to read and the information is not only pertinent to our day-to-day work lives, but also with a sense of humor. In this business, my mantra is to never lose my sense of humor.
Mary Seramur

East Towne Jewelers Inc

I really enjoy the magazine, and I feel as though my employees benefit immensely from reading it. The tips daily are great, sometimes the common sense ones are still worth reading, just for reassurance. Thanks for doing a great job for our industry.
Madalyn Mussallem
Madalyn's Jewelry

Love INSTORE. Best trade publication out there … and I've been in business 25 years.
Jan Cook
Precious Gems

I really appreciate the daily "words of wisdom" and the magazine is MADE FOR individual jewelers. WE LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE.
Janis Krantz
J&L Jewelry

[h2]Hundreds More Rave Reviews Below! [/h2]

[componentheading] INSTORE: Video Testimonials [/componentheading]

It's fun to get retailers on camera talking about their favorite magazine. See what happens when we ask jewelers about INSTORE.

There are stacks of INSTORE from ceiling to floor. The library of smart for all newbies who start. Driven by our great industry removing all mystery Plus a website with insight to steer the imagination right With advice from the heart to give one a jump start You just have to go to INSTORE and of course The SMART Jewelry Show!
Denise Oros

Linnea Jewelers Inc.

The best source of real information for the Retail Jewelry store owner.
Tino Chavez
Chavez Fine Jewelers

Typically we host a guest speaker at our annual retreat and occasionally at our staff sales meetings. This past year, instead, we charged everyone on our team with selecting an article from INSTORE magazine to present at our company retreat! What fun – we all learned something new, making INSTORE magazine our “guest speaker” at our retreat.
Evangeline Ross
Zachary's Jewelers

I've been in the business since I was a 12-year-old kid (I'm 53), I grew up on JCK and the others. Without question, INSTORE gives what we retailers need — fresh insight into a business that has changed so much in my lifetime. Keep up the great work!
John Saxon
Saxon on Sunset

LOVE your magazine! It remains the most informative in the industry. Keep up the good work, guys & guyettes!
Beth Schmitz
Beth Schmitz Designs

Just love your magazine and wish to keep up with the business.
Robert Nolden
Gordon's Jewelers

INSTORE has meant having a magazine that I actually enjoy reading, has the layout and design of a modern magazine, and wasn't so congested with 20th century mentality and design. I utilize advice columns on Quickbook tips, general business advice, employee relations, clientelling, etc. I read about the latest products from some manufacturers that I would never have been exposed to.
John Paul
John Paul Designs

Love the magazine and look forward to its arrival!! Thank you!!
Rosalyn August
Diamond & Jewelry Exchange

Easy to use and good info.
David Cass
Cass & Mays Jewelers

VERY helpful and well-thought-out magazine — I really enjoy it.
Natalie Ziegler
Commonwealth Imports

INSTORE magazine has given me so many ideas on new ways to run my store. It keeps me up on new and fun ideas to create new business. I love reading what my peers say on subjects involving the store.
Sami Jack
Sami Fine Jewelry

Great news provider of the industry.
Anthony DiPippo
MDS Exchange

Excellent industry publication!
Kelly Newton
Newton's Jewelers, Inc

Always enjoy the latest issue. Thanks.
Wendy Snelbaker
Zimmerman Jewelers

INSTORE's focus is on what works in the jewelry business today. Many other trade magazines cater to cutting/bleeding edge fashion. That's great if your one of the very small number of stores that sell these items. They make great cover pictures and the models are stunning but they don't help us sell the bread and butter classic styles that our guests are looking for.
Larry Read
Lee Read Jewelers

I really enjoy your tips. I need to grow my business and the tips really help.
Diane Fisher

Great content. Great info. Great and helpful mag!
Staci Gingery
AnaStaci Jewelry

INSTORE is my favorite trade magazine. Also, I find the daily tips to be very helpful reminders and reinforcers - and sometimes they even bring a new perspective to our business!
Elaine Smith
Freeman Jewelers

Great tool for my staff. I read and share the printed copy and e-letter, daily.
Dina Badami
Nabers Jewelers

Keep up the good work, you are #1.
Joe Donlon
Donlon's Quality Time

Great magazine! Keep up the great work.
Mark Lloyd
Vanmark, Inc. Jewelry Designers

I really enjoy the magazine and daily tips. Thanks!
John Halsall
JR Limited

I always read your magazine and e-mails and think you have a lot of great ideas!
Rebekah Reitz
Laqney's Diamonds and Jewelry

The jewelry industry's best trade magazine!
Don Muller
Don Muller Gallery

The best, most information for the jewelry industry.
Steven Wilpon
Gold Buyers of America

The BEST magazine bar none!!!
Marie Chamblin
Chamblin Design

INSTORE challenged me to not do business the same, seeing the other stores from packaging to marketing to sales. At the end of the day, it is all about DOING not just reading.
Tom Duma
Thom Duma Fine Jewelers

We really enjoy your magazine and emails. They are well designed, easy to ready, informative, and helpful.
Emily Sims
Rona Fisher Jewelry Design

I enjoy it very much and you do keep us up to date on the latest jewelry and ideas. Thank you so much.
Janet Roberts
Pughs Diamond Jewelers

A very good retailer's magazine. Read by everyone here.
Tom Arnold
Facets Inc.

Great magazine I make sure that everyone in the store reads it. Thanks!!
Eric Wright
Village Goldsmith/Antiques

Enjoy reading it and keeping up with new trends, news, views from other store owners.
Devan Persaud
Persaud Jewelers

I picked up your magazine at the JIS Miami show last month and I am very impressed. Thank you!
Joanna Joanides
Jordan's Dream

I enjoyed reading it when I previously subscribed to it. It contained a lot of helpful information to manage your store and employees. Well done!
Steve Neel
Steve Neel Jewelers

I enjoy your publication and look forward to it. The articles are informative and interesting.
Blair Waugh
Gold, Silver and Beads

Excited! Love INSTORE. See you in Chicago!
Toby Tyler

Your publication is super. Tells the retailer what he need to know.
Ben David
Ben David Jewelers, Inc

Love it! We welcome each issue, good ideas in each one, thank you.
Joyce Taylor
Whalen Jewelers

I really look forward to reading INSTORE! I am hoping to get my business off the ground this summer. I was delayed a year due to health issues. Thank you!
Paula Stewart
Scintillating Gems

Love your magazine. Very good information. Keep up the good work!
Scott Smith
Brothers Jewelers, Inc.

Many of your tips suggest a personal way to reach the public. Only a few provide definite ways to capture their attention.
Sharon Anderson
TA Anderson Goldsmith

Applicable content. Thanks.
John Irvin

I enjoy reading your magazine from cover to cover and look forward to receiving it monthly. You do seem to have the local independent jeweler in mind when I read your articles.
Len Dunstan
Dunstan Jewelers Ltd

Still the best jewelry magazine for the professional jeweler.
Stuart Tamres
Talles Jewelers

Just love your magazine!
Lisa Maloney
Hyde Park Jeweler

Yours is the best jewelry industry magazine out there. Please renew my subscription. Thanks.
William Marcue
D W Enterprise

I truly enjoy reading your publication and use it often as a source for developing and current trends as well as supplies. Thank You.
Anthony Brown

If only one magazine is read by our staff, it is the INSTORE. Thank you for a great publication.
Timothy Gannaway
Gannaway Bros Jewelers Inc

Wonderful magazine … helpful with educating employees and very informative.
Madalyn Mussallem
Madalyn's Jewelry & Fine Gifts

This magazine gives valuable information and I love reading it every month. The articles are very useful and some are entertaining as well.
Guillermo Palacios
Guillermo Palacios Jewelry

Thank you for a great year of reporting, keep up the good work.
Joe Donlon
Donlon's Quality Time

You continue to be the best trade magazine in the industry.
Eugene Thompson
Thompson Jewelers

Always look forward to learning new info and fresh ideas!
Nancy Haller
JF Jones Jlrs

You have an awesome magazine.
Mike Sensenich
Sensenich Jeweler

Thank you for your excellent magazine. I look forward to each new issue.
Eric Thompson
Estate Treasures

You have a wonderful magazine! We enjoy the articles and insight your publication offers.
Robert Buchanan
The Diamond Mine

You have the best magazine of its kind in the jewelry industry.
Michael Cowen
A. C. Associates

Love it, great ideas, lovely pictures.
Taras Susan
Suranova Inc.

I presently receive your magazine and love it. This is a request to continue to receive it. Thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
Christine Darnell
Christine Darnell Design

I use this and the actual magazine SO much! Great information, guys — GOOD job!
Emily Garippa
Michael's Creative Jewelry

Keep up the lively commentary.
Ron Hurst
Hursts' Berwyn Jewelers

This is my favorite trade magazine … we all love it here at J&L. Great stories and really valuable information. Love the holiday ideas.
Janis Krantz
J&L Jewelry

Excellent magazine, very helpful in working with my employees as well.
Cecelia Futral
West Valley Trading

We love your magazine and look forward to receiving it.
Joyce Driver
Jewelry Service Center

The best jewelry magazine on the market.
Paul Hagen
Premier Marketing House Inc

Howard Sice
Howard Sice Design

The best in the industry.
Good job.
Ed Lafontaine TEDS

Always refreshing.
Geri Bondanza
Michael Bondanza, Inc

Wonderful publication.
Robert Shagy
Bob Shagy Jewelers

Would love to receive the magazine. The great articles, and trend information that you provide. Thank you.
Nancy Havener
Elizabeth Diamond Company

Very helpful publication. Thank you.
Susan Berry
Gem Precious

Thanks for the subscription. Valuable information. I have enjoyed it exponentially.

Vali Kanaris
Stergios Designs

I really look forward to the magazine each month.
Kevin Cuppia
Modern Jewelers, Inc.

I love my INSTORE magazine!
Cynthia McGrath
Original Cyn Jewelry guys are great....
Mike Joyce
Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry Brokers, Inc

Thank you for such a great mag. Keep up the good work.
Steve Chandler
Johnson Jewelers

Love your mag. Even for a small store like mine.
Todd Tinder
Tinders Jewelry & Gifts

Forgot to renew and this is our favorite publication!
Consuelo White
Clay Bezel Jewelers

Thank you for the best book in the trade — for the retail jeweler, and it's exciting to read!

Marc Solomon

The only publication in the Industry that's worth a ----!
Bud Fluty

The best source of real information for the Retail Jewelry store owner.
Tino Chavez
Chavez Fine Jewelers

We find your magazine extremely beneficial and we read it from cover to cover every month. All of my employees also read it and benefit greatly from your articles. Thank you for the free subscription.
Matthew Weeks
Westlake Jewelry

Thanks for the subscription. Valuable information. I have enjoyed it exponentially.
Vali Kanaris
Stergios Designs

I really look forward to the magazine each month.
Kevin Cuppia
Modern Jewelers, Inc.

I love my INSTORE magazine!
Cynthia McGrath
Original Cyn Jewelry guys are great....
Mike Joyce
Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry Brokers, Inc

Thank you for such a great mag. Keep up the good work.
Steve Chandler
Johnson Jewelers

Love your mag. Even for a small store like mine.
Todd Tinder
Tinders Jewelry & Gifts

Forgot to renew and this is our favorite publication!
Consuelo White
Clay Bezel Jewelers

Hi! I love your magazine and have read all faithfully every month.
Kelly Martin
Kristeens Custom Jewelers

Thank You for your great books full of info, ideas and testimonials.
Karen Mariano
Mariano's Fine Jewelry & Design

We do love the professional, concise information your publication provides, along with the encouragement!
Keith Bowling
Pollock's Jewelers

Enjoy reading the magazine every month. Valuable information.
Barbara Tourangeau
Miner's Den

I have enjoyed reading your magazine!
Linda Gieseking
Gieseking's Heirloom Jewelry

Thank you for another 12 months of great information and ideas.
Marc Weiss
Denver Diamonds & Gems Inc

I enjoy the magazine and have found useful info for sales/info/etc.
Sharman Moen
Kaleidoscope Marketplace, LLC

I throughly enjoy your magazine. I love the ideas you share. Keep up the wonderful work.
Cindy Rice


Thanks for putting together, such a great publication. We look forward to many more issues.
Cynthia Ryder

Enjoy the publication.
Ruth Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Jewelers

I really enjoy your magazine.
Gary Wachler
Homestead Treasures

One of the best retail jewelry mags in existence!
Bill Martin
Van Horne Jewelers

Keep it coming — one of my favorites!
David Cummings
Cummings Jewelers

Really enjoy the magazine.
David Barthau
Barthau Jewellers

A great read each month.
Jo Rosenblum King
Rosenblum Fine Jewelers

I love your mag! It ain't no rag.
Calla Gold
Calla Gold Jewelry

Great magazine, we love it!
Thomas Tabor
Herman Hiss & Company

Best publication in the industry! Keep up the great work and thank you.
James Kellmer
Jack Kellmer Company

It's the only magazine I make time to read!
Barb Ley-Davidson
Ley's Jewelry

INSTORE is an awesome publication! Keeps us edging out the competition with useful business applications for growing and keeping our customer base strong!
Denise Oros
Linnea Jewelers Inc.

This is by far the most useful and interesting trade publication. Thank you for sending them!
Joe Belrose
Belrose Galleries

Really enjoy many of the articles — especially those referring to "sticky" situations that arise.
Bradley Ozinsky
Bradley's Jewelers

Great magazine, I especially enjoy Kate's articles.
Scott Simon
Karat Patch

I love INSTORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edgar Wade
Wade Jewelers

Kari Akers
Akers & Akers of Fine Jewelry

Thank you so much! We really enjoy your magazines and have found many vendors for our stores.
Marlys Goodyeasr
Mar's Jewelry

Great magazine. Would like to see more sales ideas that worked for other stores.
Vicky Glaesner
The Jewelry Company

Love your magazine. It is the only trade magazine i read cover to cover. Keep up the great job.
Brian Davis
Hal Davis Jewelers

I find your magazine very useful and extremely on target.
Jerry Keenan
Mr Diamond, Inc.

Our favorite magazine! Keep up the good work. We especially like the jewelers' problems and the jewelers' responses.
Barbara Weinans
Van Guilders

Love your publication. Very informative!
Richard Lowry
Lapis Bear, Inc.

Best trade magazine in the US or Canada! Keep up the great work!
Mike Guinan-Browne
Falcon International Jewellery

Love you magazine. It is the most informative one for independents.
Peter Barr
Peter Barr Designing Jewelers, Inc.

Great magazine! many good ideas &articles,keep up the excellent job!thanks,Gary
Gary Robinson
Gary B. Robinson Jewelers Inc.

Love the good information in your magazine!!!
Don Alexander
Alexanders Fine Jewelry

Very informative articles and love the photos
Teresa Hlady
Jason Goldsmiths Ltd.

Who wouldn't want InStore? An independent would be crazy not to read your magazine.
Steph Farber
LeRoy Jewelers

As a small independent store, INSTORE is the most relevant trade magazine we read, and it's our favorite.
Alan Fields
Bernie Fields Jewelers

This is a wonderful magazine---one that we actually read cover to cover.
Colleen Walker
Palace Jewelers

Gotta love you guys!
Paul Michaels
Michaels jewelers

Great magazine, very up to date
Herman Rotenberg
11,873 unusual wedding rings

Great Magazine. Really enjoy it.
Martin Smith
The Perfect Gift

LOVE this magazine! Always interesting and informative articles. Great new products, too.
Andrea Levine
Andrea & Co., LLC

We love your magazine! Thanks so much.
Nea Hildebolt
Melamun Designs

Best magazine of all time for jewelers. Thank you.
DeAnna Barley
De Lyn Jewelry Specialists

If I only read one magazine, this is the one!!!
Sharon Collins
Collins Family Jewelers

Best Magazine!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Stewart
My Jewel Shop, Inc.

Love your magazine - i leave it on the lunch table for all the employees to read. I am always sharing info that I get from your magazine. Keep it coming!!!
Kim Smith
Kleinhenz Jewelers

Great magazine. I read it cover to cover every issue.
Bill Koke
Cambridge Manufacturing Jewelers, Ltd.

Great publication.
William Verge
Verge Fine Jewelry

Enjoy your articles
Rose Mary Verge
Verge Diamonds and Jewelry

INSTORE  is such an informative magazine. I'm so glad you send it to us; and I love wearing my "America's Smartest Jeweler" t-shirt. Thanks!
Nancy Avery

Ora Designers / Fine Jewelers

We love your magazine. It gives us the best and most useful info. for our industry. Thanks.
Elyse Douglas

Douglas Fine Jewlery Design

Love your magazine!!!!!!!!
Nyona Lang
Nyona's Jewelry Box

Amazing magazine ... keep it up.
Vinod Bamalwa

This is a great trade magazine. I have learned a lot of new things. And read about things I already know and have done. Nice to know others do and think the same.
June Markland
Markland's Creations

Yours is the ONLY magizine that I read cover to cover, AND save to read again and again!
Yvonne Light
Lights Jewelers & Gemologists

I enjoy your magazine.
Eric Loch

Thank you for my "One of America's Smartest Jewelers" T-shirt!  I've only worn it a few times, but it's had exactly the response intended! (And, by the way, can I buy a second one [size L]? I can see it coming in handily, from time to time!) Many thanks and best regards,
P.S. ...And keep up the good work! Your magazine is the best of the best, by far!

Douglas Turet
Turet Design

Absolutly love your magazine
Marc Wolenhaupt
Wolenhaupt's Jewelry Inc.

Thank you for an excellent trade publication.
Michael S. & Trudy Feldman
Trudy Designs & Msf Associates

Always enjoy your magazine and the emails.
Alan Sklut
Diamond Empress

This is the most usefull trade publication we read.
Theresa Peregoy
Classic Facets, Ltd.

We love your magazine and all the great tips and info!!!
Colleen Jones
J.F. Jones Jewelers

You have a great so glad I discovered it by searching for Nancy Pier Sindt !!!
Terry Mayer
Terry Mayer, Ltd.

Best industry magazine available! Keep up the great work!
Jolinda Daley
Treasure Chest

Always really enjoy. You guys are the best in the industry
Doug Turner
Choice Jewelry,Inc

I love INSTORE magazine!! It's the only magazine I receive from the trade.
Phil Pancer
Ringleader Fine Jewellers

Great magazine!! Keep it up
Danny Lister
Lister Jewelers

INSTORE is the BEST!!!!!
Dina Iovino
Heritage Jewelers, NY

Since our first issue I have loved reading your magazine and enjoy each issue. Your magazine has provided us with many new ideas an insights to further enhance our business. If I could have the chance to pay it forward I would love to do that.

Rich Bennett
P.K. Bennett Jewelers

This is my favorite trade publication!
Sharon Collins
Collins Family Jewelers

I have long enjoyed the valuable information in each INSTORE.
David Samson
Gold Streak Jewelers

You have one of the greatest magazines going, I have been a subscriber since your inception. Keep up the good work.
Ron Hooper
Hooper's Jewellers Ltd.,

Love the magazine ! I use it so much when I train our associates!
Becka Johnson Kibby
Training Manager - Robbins Bros.

Great publication, really enjoy it
Fred Wolf

Look forward to receiving this publication as we understand that it is very good for those of us who run retail stores with a strong (95% of product) focus on jewelry
Cynthia Ryder
Owner, New Brunswick Canada

The best jewelery magazine in the industry !
Bob Mathia
diedrich jewelery co. inc.

Looking forward to INSTORE! LOVE the articles.
Doug Mitchell

Have seen your publication and was very impressed with the updated information along with outstanding photography.
Barbara Batson
Designs Unique

I read your magazine when I worked for a jeweler- I now have my own store, and know that my employees will benefit from your publication!
Diane Garmendia
Chahaya fine jewelry

For our sole proprietorship business, we need IN STORE to grow our business. What a great magazine

Rachel Howard
Raydec Creations

Heard good things about your magazine. Can't wait to see it.

Curtis MacLeod
Ken's Goldsmithing Ltd.

I am the store manager of our store and everyone loves to read your magazine. So I am being greedy and asking to have one sent to my home address so I can actually get a copy to read. It disappears before I ever have a chance to get to read all of your amazing information

Amanda Hover
Champagne Jewelers

I think the magazine is fabulous. Just finished reading the July calendar.

Jill Williamson

INSTORE is the best magazine in our trade!

Dan Neff
Neff Jewelers

Love everything inside your mag!

Sally Hodson

You've swept the leadership role in jewelry management magazines !

Shawn Regan
Regan Jewelers

Thank you - I learn so much from your publication!

Jill Sharp
Blue Piranha

Enjoy your magazine - advertising tips to information regarding jewelry. Great Magazine.

Linda Overbaugh
Mountz Jewelers

Great magazine, good stories, reality plus from the trade
Jim Martin
Martin Jewellers

LUV!!!!!!!! Tons of information at our finger tips.

Sharon Mongrain
Border City Goldsmiths & Jewellers

This is an awesome magazine. I've gotten more from this publication than all the others combined! Keep up the good work !

Sylvia Holtman

Best jewellery magazine on the market and I get it for free!!!

Phil Pancer
Ringleader Fine Jewellers

Best retail jeweler magazine -read it cover to cover each month.

Jessie Murphy
VanCott Jewelers Ltd.

The magazine is great source of information in so many areas

Mariana Oliveira
Jewel Mak

Book has great information in it, so i want to say thanks.

Betty Morris
Morris Jewelers

We absolutely LOVE this magazine! Keep it comin'!!

Teri Vogan
Vogan Gold & Silver Works, Inc.

INSTORE is the best trade mag ever! gotta love it! Keep up the great work

Helena Vinhas
Vinhas Jewelers Inc

Love your mag. It's my favorite of all the trade publications. Keep up the good work.
Jill Comeau
Comeau Jewelry Co.

INSTORE magazine is a great wealth of information.

Linda Mimnaugh

Best trade magazine, period.
Valerie Naifeh


We really appreciate having INSTORE every month. There are  always several articles of interest.  Thanks for making it available again this year.

Cynthia Ryder

Terrific make us look good with your up to date knowledge

Pat pippin
Cloverleaf Jewelers

Great read!

Charles Payson
Payson & Stoughton Jewelers

Fantastic mag read from cover to cover!

Carole Greenberg
Alwand Vahan

Your Magazine continues to be the most beneficial TOOL out there for our business. Keep up the good work, we really do appreciate it.
C. Sue Freeman-John

Love this magazine. Keep up the great work! Please!

E K Schmitz

The best magazine in the industry !!

William White
The Sundance Company

Still loving your magazine! Loved it from the first issue ... keep up the great work.

Deborah Lucas

Love your magazine, Its an absolute delight & fight between the staff to get to read it when it comes in!

Sharol Mongrain

We have been receiving INSOTRE magazine for several months now, and I am very pleased with it. Instore has given us many innovative Ideas for helping our sales staff grow as well as ideas to grow our store.

Ronnie G. Willinger
Silver Treasures Jewelry

Love your magazine. It's the only industry trade journal that I read from cover to cover.

Kevin Swartz
Swartz & Co.,Inc - Canton, OH

My business increased 30% last year and another 30 % so far this year.....all due to following up on articles and ads in Instore Magazine!

John Kuehn
John P. Kuehn Fine Jewelers , WV

We receive many store related magazines and yours is by far the best. I insist on the employess reading it every month as part of there job. Thanks for the quality and great tips.

Eric Williams
The Silver Room, Chicago IL

This morning, I sat my computer to put together my newsletter for the fall ... I know this should have been done in the're right.
As I was filling in my "Save The Dates" section I laughed at all the fun I hac doing your "Men's Panic Party" last year. It got a lot of laughs from the gentler gender too.  It's on the agenda again for this year and many thanks to you folks for planting the seed.

Kai B. Armstrong
Galatea Fine Jewelry, Mihin - MA

I love your very informative magazine. I recommend it to all of my colleagues here in Canada. Keep up the great work.
P.S. Maybe you could change the name to "The MAgazine for the American and Canadian Jewelry Store Owner"

Phillip Sullivan
Jewelry Plus,Prince Edward Island-Canada

I have had so many calls, letters, and special things happen from the article in Instore. I was so shocked when it first came out because everywhere I went, I was stopped and congratulated. How very special you have made us feel and what a beautiful job you did of portraying our store. I feel very blessed to be in such a business that makes people happy. When you love your work, your life only gets better. It was so nice of you all to select us for this honor and we feel very humbled by your kind words. May you continue to be the kind of magazine that all of us love to read and care for our feelings.  You all show such emotion and concern that your readers look forword to each issue.

Sissy Jones
Sissy's Log Cabin, Pine Bluff - AR

I would like to congratulate you again and again on your success. Keep up the great work with Instore. Have you noticed all of the other mags trying to follow you concept? That's a great Compliment to you and your staff.

Eddie Guerboian
Readers Fine Jewelers, Santa Monica- CA

Your great magazine is the best thing to hit our industry in years.

Jack Roth
J.R. Jewels Inc , Tampa FL

Without a doubt ... yours is the very best magazine in the entire industry. Keep them coming.

Jack Roth
J.R. Jewels Inc - Tampa, FL

I am a small business and have found this magazine to be very very helpful...more so than so of the other trade subscriptions.

Brenda Gronefeld
Owner - Turning Point Designs

We enjoy reading this subscription. It is the first one read from cover to cover. It offers a comfortable link between a variety of stores in the industry.

Philip Candela
Trinkets Jewelry - New York

This magazine is the best in the industry for keeping on track with every situation that arises and teaches the staff the latest ideas to help sell and promote.

Marilyn Mulloy

LOVE your magazine. My staff and I read every addition from end to end. It is the most practical of all the industry publications! Thank you!

Marion Glober
Past Era Antique Jewelry , Houston TX

This is the "BEST" Jewelery magazine I have ever read. I read it cover to cover for new ideas for our monthly meetings.

Jessie Murphy
VanCott Jewelers Ltd. - Vestal NY

This is a great magazine. Keep up the good work. I hae gotten so many ideas from you on things that have helped our store and customer service.

Thomas Rhinerson
Tucker Jewelers, Inc - Owensboro KY

Your magazine is the best, I read it cover to cover.

Dennis Hester
S.t.A. Enterprises - Louisville KY

We LOVE Instore Magazine.

William & Lindsay Yates
Zephyrine Jewelry - Morro Bay, CA


Nancy Stone
Nancy and David Fine Jewels -Millburn NJ

Great MAgazine! Very useful ideas!

N Schetakis
Elliot Lake Jewellers - Elliot Lake ONT

I an always impressed with the variety of articles and the insights developed for those of us in the jewelry trade. Great Job!

Isabel Sullivan
Bella Jewels - Melbourne FL

I have seen your publication at the major trade shows and feel it is a necessity to have in the store for myself and my staff to keep up with the latest information in the jewelry world.

Kathy Teeters
Windsor Jewelers - Tulsa , OK

Thanks, best of the best jewelry trade publications as it gives you thought and ideas. Not just news.

Joseph Mackley
Mackley & Company - Knoxville, TN

Excellent Magazine, much better than the other trade mags.

Hanif Jina
Crest Jewellers - Vancouver BC

I have read your magazine only once and found it very interesting and informative.

Martin Smith
The Perfect Gift - Vancouver BC

Best magazine I’ve ever read in my 6 years in this industry.

Adrian Blanco
deLuna Jewelers - Davis, CA

After I read your recent issue( Nov 04 ), I bet thousands of jewelers have come to rely on your articles to help make their business more efficient and profitible. We find your magazine a part of education for a lots of salespersons in the jewelry retail business.  Insightful and inspiring magazine, Keep up the good work.

Joe Ferarji
Ben Jewelers - Culver City CA

One magazine I look forward to receiving monthly!

Doug Mitchell
UniQ - Kalamazoo MI

Your mag is the best! I always read it first, from cover to cover!

Karl Weinstock
Golden Palace- Monroe NY

This is without a doubt the finest jewelry periodical I have ever seen. Your magazine is totally beneficial for organizing our store and in the training process.

Terry Jones
Classique Jewelers Inc - Frisco TX

Enjoy your magazine-find it useful- love the advertisers.

Donna Levine
Owner - Donna Levine Fine Jewelry & Gift

One magazine I look forward to receiving monthly! AWESOME job !

Doug Mitchell
UniQ - Kalamazoo , MI

My co-workers and I love your magazine. It is the best we have ever read. Honestly, it’s the only one we will take the time to read! You have given many great ideas that I have implemented in my store.  I find it helpful to draw upon and learn from the experience of other jewelers. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Marlys A. Wilcox
Wilcox Jewelers

We love your magazine!

Laurence Sanders
Sanders Jewelers

Great Magazine ! Most informative with timely and useful information. Mahalo!

Karla Brom
Exotic Gemstones, LLC

I look forward to reading your magazine every month. There is always something I can use from suggestion etc
Joann Jackson

J & J Jewelry & Gifts - owner

Love the mag, only one I read cover to cover.

Ben Woerner
Cranstoun Court Jewelers

You have a very useful magazine.

Jerry Keenan
Mr Diamond, Inc

"I love the ’coolest stores’ feature in your magazine. That section inspires me so much I can’t tell you. I hope to one day have my own store in that section, though I’m not quite ready yet."

Cynthia Clinton
Clintonia Couture Jewelry

INSTORE is a great magazine! I look forward to it each month. I must confess, it is the only magazine that I truly read cover to cover. Much of its content I am able to apply to my business practices. Thanks for such a good magazine!

Jean C. Schnaak
Loving Heart, LLC

The anxiety of waiting till the next issue of the great INSTORE magazine is delivered! Keep up the fantastic work ... we’re pleased!

Paul Rowe
Lane Jewelers , Beaver Falls PA

Your magazine is the best.

Cory Windhorn
GemWorks Inc , Decatur IL

I would love to contribute "editorial articles" if you ever need one!

Elizabeth Sandner
Elizabeth Sandner Private Jeweler - AL

Great magazine, keep it coming!

Jack Van Dell
Van Dell Jewelers, Inc - West Palm Beac

Love the mag!

Sherri Erickson
richardson jewelers , Escnaba MI

Great magazine! I get more info from INSTORE than all of the others combined!

Joe Cheslock
Sycamore Jewelers , Midlothian VA

Fantastic Mag. Don’t Stop !!

Kip Stodghill
The Galaxie Jewelers , Houston TX

We absolutely Love the magazine!

Sandy Arrington
douglas jewelry , college station TX

Keep up the good work.

Doug Turner
Choice Jewelry , Lexington NC

We love INSTORE so much that missing even one month would be a huge crisis. You pack more useful info in one issue than you can get out of a whole year of any other magazine. There simply is no comparison to InStore. Plus, its about time the jewelry industry got a sense of humor, we always enjoy the InTheEnd section.

T Lee
T Lee Fine Designer Jewelry ,MN

Enjoy your magazine...thanks for the subscription

Julie Rose
Julie Rose & CO. ,Tucson AZ

Thanks for doing a softwware spread. Keep up the good work!

Shelly Phillips
Phillips Jewelers, Coopesville MI

Enjoy your magazine very much.

Steve Hunt
S & S Jewelry ,New Martinsville WV

I have enjoyed your magazine. It is quite direct and to the point - very much a needed tool without being overly bias.

Lee Fruzza
Lee’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry - Reno NV

Your mag is tremendous!

Mary Todd-McGinnis
Ben Bridge - Hidden Hills CA

I so enjoy your magazine

Mina Towbin
Mina’s - Nashville TN

I read it cover to cover every month. Thank you.

Edgar Wade
Wade Jewelers - Daphne AL

Great magazine!

Veronica Guarino
Louis Anthony Jewelers - Pittsburgh PA

Luv your magazine!

Suzanne Cannon
Steffan’s Jewelers - McHenry IL

Love your magazine!! Keep up the great, refreshing articles

Brenda Nichols
Classic Jewelers , Jacksonville FL

Your mag is like a Bible . I read it and find the answer.

Sasha Robau
Sasha's jewelry - Houston ,TX

Thank you for sending us your magazine. We look forward to every issue.

James Smith
Vecere Jewelers , Lawrenceville NJ

Love your magazine. It is full of very good information. Thanks!

Irvin White
Just Jewelry , Temple TX

Great magazine! I enjoy every issue. Keep up the good work.
Lisa Halliburton

Bell Jewelers , Murfreesboro - TN

Love it!

Karen Knapp
Starset Designs , San Diego CA

Great business articles every month, I get enough jewelry fashion mag’s already, yours has news and features I can iuse.
Robert Brixius

Brixius Jewelers, Inc - OR

Our favorite magazine ! Even my employees love it !
Vicki Cunningham

Cunningham Fine Jewelry - OK

You are still the best magazine out there.
Michael Derby

Gemesis Corp. - FL

Love your magazine!
Jane Haynes

Haynes Jewelers - Heath, OH

I love your magazine and pass it to all employees to read.

David Gilbert
Forever Precious Fine Jewellers Inc.-ON

Love your magazine!
Denise Harned
Raymond Jewelers - West Hartford ,CT

Love your magazine, keep the good stuff coming.

Philip Sullivan
Jewellery Plus - Sumerside , Canada

I think INSTORE is the best retail jewelry trade mag out there and I tell everyone in the industry!
George Simpson

You must truly be complimented for the quality of your magazine. It not only is informative but also entertaining
Don Williams
The Watch Shop and House of Gifts, IN

Love your publication!
Al Fiori
Jewelry TV by ACN - Knoxville, Tennessee

Love the magazine. I look forward to receiving it each month.

Linda M Lucas
Custom Beads - Heath Springs, SC

The best magazine in the industry!!!!!!!!!!

Lois Morganstern
Ylang-Ylang Fine Jewelry-Saint Louis, MI

Love your magazine...I look forward to receiving it every month!! The best of the one comes near your publication!!!!!

Lynne Sugerman
Ylang-Ylang Fine Jewelry-Saint Louis, MI

Great mag, keep up the good work!

Denise Gregoire
Gems by Gregoire -San Antonio, TX

Love your magazine!

Peter Indorf
Peter Indorf, Inc.-New Haven, CT



Nice magazine.

Homer Holland
Holland Enterprises - Selma, Alabama

I really enjoy your magazine.

Allen Lipscher
Global Diamonds, Inc - Chicago ,IL

By far the best jewelery magazine available. Very informative articles, most helpfull!

Thomas Tabor
Herman Hiss & Company ,Bay City -MI

Great magazine!

Randy Violett
Chantelle Jewelers, Madison heights - MI

Love your magazine - easy reading, great information.
Lynn Adam-Hertz
C.E. Adam Jeweller Ltd. - Alberta Canada

I love INSTORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edgar Wade
Wade Jewelers - Daphne, Alabama

Great magazine for retailers.
Nan Napier
Tres Mariposas, Inc - El Paso, Texas

Retail sales information very helpful in the market
Ellen Extract
Designs by Extract - New York, NY

INSTORE provides me with tons of facts to keep us updated on new knowledge and the latest trends. Keep up the great work.

Nabil Sakkab
Dynasty Jewelers ,Warren , Michigan

Great magazine - I love it!!

Kenneth Peters
Enid, Oklahoma

Love the magazines very real work situations and current up to date advice and practices

TammyLynn McAuley
Scoville Jewelers, S. Glens Falls, NE

Yes, more of your great mag.
Charles ellenwood
Ellenwood co , Dallas , Texas

Love the mag!!!!!
Sherri Erickson
Richardson jewelers - Escanaba, MI

Yours is the only industry magazine worth reading!
E Pettus
Things Finer - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Love your Mag!
Gary Hill
Leo Hamel & Co. Fine Jewelry ,CA

Good informative magazine learn a lot without to go for training
Mike Valiani

Love the INSTORE magazine.

Max Reiss
Max R. Reiss Jewelers, Inc. ,York PA

I look forward to recieving instore every month, it has lots of usefull ideas and tips. Keep up the good work

Jim Blackstone
Mansons Jewellers Ltd.,British Columbia

LOVE your mag.

Therese & Martin Maynard
Ask Design Jewelers ,New York, NY

I have been receiving your magazine for a few months now and I have to say I really love it ! Your articles are informative and relevent to today’s market. It doesn’t matter how long a company has been in business , we still need up to date information to be able to stay in business ! Markets are changing so fast these days, a magazine like yours helps to us informed. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Devie Brown
Gold Creek Jewelry

Thank you so much for putting your magazine out every month.
My daughter and I have used each and every issue to help make recent endeavor into retail a successful one.

Richard Jones
Family Owned and ran Jewelry store, CA

I love reading your magazine. It gives the best advice on running a jewelry store.
PJ Pevey
Traditional Jewelers, McComb MS

We get so many ideas from INSTORE, don’t ever change a thing.

Van Cott Jeweler, Ltd

I am the retired founder of Ben David Jewelers in Dancille, VA and High Point , NC. Found INSTORE extremely helpful in formulating my advice to my sons who now operate the company.
Ben Davidowitz
Company Founder -Ben David Jewelers,Inc

All my colleagues in JA associations in connecting states say this is the best magazine available. I want to see for myself!
Jeanne’ Lillich
Sartor Hamann Jewelers

Thank you.I would miss this magazine if it was not available. The finest jewelry magazine in the industry and the only one I read from cover to cover. Thomas
Thomas A. Sawyer

Thank you very much for your magazine.
I enjoy reading your magazine and look forward to receiving it every month. It’s very informative. Keep up the good work!

K. Park
J.Jewelery - Denver , CO

Love your mag! I use it more than all the otherscombined!
Larry Rickert
Jim Kryshak Jewelers , Wausau WI

I really like your magazine
Pamela Meltzer
Puppy Paws, Cleveland OH

Great magazine!
Barry Nicholls
Paradise Jewelry - Naples , FL

Steve Samaras
Zacharys Jewelers - Annapolia ,MD

Love your magazine!
Karen Simpson Tweedie
Evergreen Jewelery - Daytona Beach , FL

Thank you. The subscription to Instore is the best gift since Christmas!
Carole Kahn
Carole’s Boutique Green Brook, NJ

Excellent Magazine. I look forward to each issue.
Greg DeMark
DeMark Jewelry - Longmont , CO

Your magazine is so far superior ( in information) to any of the other jewelry publications, we really appreciate look forward to receiving it every month.
Fred Moore
Jim Kellmer Jwlrs

I saw your magazine at a friend's store and really liked it. Can’t wait to get my own copy.
John Dickson
SeaSide Designs - Sarasota, FL

The information your magazine contains is vital to our business, thank you
Valerie Heck
Nelson Coleman Jewelers - Taneytown, MD

Great magazine!
Jody Rusconi
Graystone Jewelers - Eureka , CA

My husband gets your magazine by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. but I need to get it also
Carolyn Doyle
The Dorado Company - Phoenix, AZ

Fine publication, really seems to be able to help with issues that affect our business directly. Things that we fight with day to day. Ways to do things better, faster, cheaper and smarter. Like having a partner that has been in the business for years and is willing to help and doesn’t even want to be paid. HOW PERFECT!!!!!
Charles Slaven
M I Jewelers & Goldsmiths - Merritt Isla

Have enjoyed your real approach.
Carolyn French
Final Polish - Nacogdoches, TX

I love the whole magazine and most of all the gem quiz
Qaya Thompson
Peter Indorf Jewelers - New Haven, CT

Your magazine is the greatest thing since sliced bread!
William H. White
The Sundance Company - Accokeek, MD

Keep up the superb work.
Frank Bartley
Hanson Jewelers Inc - Roseburg, OR

Great Magazine. keep up the good work!
Tim Wolner
Bella Diamond LLC - Pittsburgh, PA

Love your magazine! Looking forward to the new issues.
Christine Henry
Christine’s Creations - Tampa, FL

I read your magazine from cover to cover
Evelyn Umeda
Evelyn Umeda - Sacramento, CA

Great little magazine I always learn something new
Lee Sloan
Rare-Earth Unlimited - West Yellowstone

Thank you it’s a great magazine
Samuel Leftkowitz
SB Enterprises - Lakewood, NJ

You mag is the favourite of my staff. It is very informative, and has real circumstances that they can relate to. Keep up the good work!
Robinson Jewelers

Have been enjoying the range of issues addressed and found much useful information
Regina Wollman
Regalex, Ltd - Cedarhurst, NY

Great magazine , one of the most informative for store owners
Sharran Selig
Bill Selig Jewelers - Windsor, CT

Love the magazine !
Laura Sipe
JC Sipe, Inc - Indianapolis,IN

Keep up the good work
Steve Moore
Swift’s Jewelry - Fayetteville, AR

Great mag a must read each month…
Joan Seymour
J&J Jewelry and Pawn - Tavares, FL

Enjoy your magazine
Joseph Bowersmith
Facets of Jewelry, Inc - Arvada ,CO
Added Date: 3/22/2004 1:57:38 AM

Fine publication, really seems to be able to help with issues that affect our business directly. Things that we fight with day to day. Ways to do things better, faster, cheaper and smarter. Like having a partner that has been in the business for years and is willing to help and doesn’t even want to be paid. HOW PERFECT!!!!!
Charles Slaven
M I Jewelers & Goldsmiths

Have enjoyed your real approach.
Carolyn French
Final Polish; Nacogdoches, Texas

We have three jewelery stores and enjoy your magazine.
Ronald D. Cohen
Harris Jewelers

Thanks for your great magazine!
James S. Markides
Markides Jewelers; Sumter, SC

Once again, you have inspired me to put my best foot forward and to inspire my customers too! Thanks for your sense of humor in an industry that can be pretty dry.
Judy Lince
Program Director, Custom Catalog

I already get your magazine. I love it and would be happy to pay for it! It’s absolutely the most informative and lively reading pertinent to my business. I’ve learned so much (just when I thought I ’knew it all!’) Thanks a million.
Carole Kahn
Carole’s Boutique Jewelry

Thank you to give me an opportunity to enjoy your magazine. I like the information you have. It is very rich and just right for a busy business owner to read. Plus you always come up with a very attractive cover that it so hard to resist to open and read the contents inside.
Kien Nguyen
Kim’s Jewelry; Anaheim, CA

I appreciate everything your magazine offers -- articles, infudstry information and the helpful tips. Thanks.
Rami Sabatini
Isis Jewelers; Evanston, IL

Love the magazine. Concise. Informative. Useful!
Beth Schmitz
Wolf Mountain Jewelry

Thanks for a wonderful magazine!!!!
Beverly Roy
Roy Jewelers

I really like your magazine! In my (our) opinion, it’s the best of the best for what you do.
Brian Devan

Thank you for your magazine — the only useful jewelry magazine I’ve ever seen. Every single issue is a teaching tool.
Nancy Plante
Plante Jewelers

Please continue to send … forever! Great magazine!

Cynthia Mikesell
Mikesell’s Fine Jewelry; Hamilton, MT

Always enjoy your mag. One of the best for knowledge and helpful hints.
Fred Tolodziecki
A/M Jewelers; Catonsville, MD

Love your magazine!!! Keep it coming our way.
K. Myers
FACETS; Newport, OR

I enjoy your magazine. Lots of good stuff!
Norman Silver
NGS Appraisal; Forestdale, MA

We enjoy your magazine very much and find it informative also.
Anna M. Clouse
Bo-K’s Jewelers; Centreville, OH

I just want to thank you for such a great magazine. It is a resource that I look forward to each month, and read cover-to-cover!
Kathi Main
Kevin Main Jewelry

I love your magazine. It is the most informative magazine in the trade.
Michael Thomas

Love your magazine!!!!
Toni Lyn

Love this magazine. Articles are great.
Marilyn Mulloy
Marilyn Mulloy Estate and Fine Jewelry

We really enjoy your magazine here at Brand Jewelry. Just this morning at the sales meeting, several articles were used in presentation.
J.Paul Yale
President ,Brand Jewelry

We often share information from your magazine with our customers in our store and as a new partner in the business I learn constatntly from your stories about others.

Sharmain Nicholson
John David Cooney Designer Jeweler

I just wanted to send a short note to say thank you for offering us in the business such a great reference publication. It is refreshing to read your monthly work, great writers and layout. Nice fresh approach to old subjects we have all come to dread. I hope others will take a look at your publication and benefit from it as we have in the short time we have received the magazine. With the information and advice you have to offer us each month there is no way we all will not be better at our work and rekindle the joy we may have lost in our jobs! Keep the ink coming our way!!

Fred Wolf
DBA Gold-Treasures, Madison, IN

An informative magazine that sheds light on market and marketing trends.

Richard Borrazas
Victorian Jewelers, Manchester, NH

The best magazine I’ve seen! Very informative for the retailer and designers.

Lieve F. Morris
Lieve Morris International,Inc

Great magazine. I read it from cover to cover every month.
Veronica Guarino

Louis Anthony Jewelers; Pittsburgh, PA

Please keep this coming. Your mag is delightful, eye-opening, read cover to cover, and informative. I read your magazine. I glance through the others then throw them away.

Bruce Rhodes

This is the kind of information I have been looking for and couldn’t find in any other jeweler’s magazine.
Sasha’s Jewelry

I realize that this has been stated by numerous people before me, but Instore is the best publication in the industry. I have all but given up on the others that are published — some have interesting facts and articles, but none are at the level that Instore achieves. Keep up the good work and keep the issues coming!

Kyle Hain
Jewelsmith, Durham, NC

We have been receiving your publication and love it. Want to ensure it will continue to come to us each month.
Hank Davis
Davis Jewelers; Louisville, KY

Thanks for your magazine. I do love it. The two regular features I like best are the back page (I must really compliment you there on your outrageousness — I have several "In The Ends" torn out and posted on my bathroom wall, for both employees and customers to see!), and the Real Deal scenarios. They are really very stimulating and helpful.
David Clarkson
Point Reyes Jeweler; Point Reyes Station

Very informative. We want to continue to receive it.
William Donecker
Doneckers; Ephrata, PA

Your magazine is my new favorite because of the vast array of topics and subjects.
Richard Claypool G.G.
Lundquist Jewelry

As far as I'm concerned INSTORE can do no wrong.
Alex Weil
Martin's Jewelry; Manhattan Beach, CA

Thank you for allowing me to move "Forward" with you. I have seen your publication at the major trade shows and feel it is a necessity to have in the store for myself and my staff to keep up with the latest information in the jewelry world.
Stephen Wyrick,
Stephen Wyrick, The Jeweller and the Watchmaker; San Antonio, TX

Barry Tricker
SGC; Stowe, VT

I just think this is the best mag ever!
Jan Domenico
JD Designs; Houston, TX

When the magazine arrives at the store, I know I can go home that night and have some good reading, I learn from the magazine from the best jewelers around.
Beth Guntzviller
Miner's North Jewelers, Traverse City, MI

INSTORE is the last trade publication I look at, simply due to the fact it takes me so long to read. There is simply too much good info in there to skim through like I do with the others.
Jon Michael Fuja
Jon Michael's Jewelers; Durand, MI

You guys have the BEST MAGAZINE in the business. It is fun to watch the other try to copy and imitate your success. Someone should tell them it isn't working....Keep up the GREAT work.
Rich Bennett
P.K. Bennett Jewelers; Mundelein, IL

Just want you to know that while designing my new store, in the back of my mind (not DRIVING every decision) is whether or not you guys would consider it a COOL STORE! I like makes me feel good about thinking outside the box.
Richie Kluesener
Gold In Art Jewelers.; Mount Dora, FL

Keep up the great job! I love INSTORE!
Aladar Solymosi Jr.
Young's Jewelry; Cleveland, OH

Yours is usually the only trade mag I get time to read, but I ALWAYS end up tearing out pages or researching websites that you mention in your articles. I believe it's the best mag for the independent jeweler (and for those new to the industry!) and most useful.
Carla Ann Yeager

Diamond Works; Chillicothe, OH

Always & forever in love with INSTORE.
Eileen Duffy
Kennedy Jewelers; Rahway, NJ

We love INSTORE!!! In these challenging times, each month there is a positive wellspring of educational inspiration. With customers, craft and kiln all at immediate gratification speed, a leisure moment of reading reignites that lost thread of original thought, forcing an immediate creative resolution. The intelligence and insight that our industry contemporaries share in these articles help to keep us competitive, educated and inspired. Thanks to you and your amazing staff for a commendable professional magazine. Can't wait for the Chicago Show!
Denise Oros
Linnea Jewelers Inc.; LaGrange, IL


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