Second-generation jeweler grew up with INSTORE

When Michael Fleck went off to college, the care packages he received from home contained copies of INSTORE.

And it’s no wonder. This second-generation independent jeweler was flipping through our magazine before he was old enough to drive.

Now that he has moved up to a lead role in the operations of Occasions Fine Jewelry, INSTORE is more relevant to him than ever. When a new issue arrives, it’s read, copied, ripped, shared, highlighted and talked about — until it eventually disappears from the break room and finds a new home on someone’s coffee table.

In the publishing industry, that’s what we call true love.

So is this: Occasions was featured in the very first edition of INSTORE. In the 10 years since, they haven’t missed a single issue. And their business is thriving. We’re not saying it’s because of INSTORE. But just maybe, the best part of Michael’s university education is what he got in the mail.



Michael Fleck | Occasions Fine Jewelry, Midland, TX


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