NORWALK (CT) — LUXURY's Elite Enclave will bring a combination of design, selected art and music content, as well as an intimate specialty lounge that will deliver a larger, seamless lavish experience within LUXURY and the JCK Las Vegas show walls during 2012 JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Week.

The theme of Elite Enclave 2012 will evolve from last year's bohemian Moroccan encampment to the African plains, complete with a safari-inspired environment that highlights the colors, patterns, and tribal designs of one of the globe's most environmentally inspiring regions. "Urban Wilds", an installation of photographs by famed fashion and street style photographer and Vogue,, and GQ contributor, Tommy Ton, will adorn the halls.

"In our second season, I shifted our focus to the African plains," said Pam Bristow, Elite Enclave's creative director. "I felt this was a terrific backdrop to the brilliant stones and metals that make up the fabulous designs Elite Enclave showcases."

In addition to the photography exhibit, Elite Enclave will host 'Salon Sessions', intimate talks with JCK's invited style tastemakers, a daily South African Rooibos tea service along with Saharan flavored foods, as well as specialty cocktails during a hosted daily cocktail hour.