MUMBAI — Forevermark, which was launched in India in year 2011, celebrated the anniversary recently as it welcomed select retail jewelers to South Africa where they got a chance to visit the diamond mine and the De Beers Headquarters.

The objective of the visit was to celebrate Forevermark’s association with jewelers and to give them an insight into the origin of the diamond and its journey of becoming a Forevermark.

The journey to South Africa, the home of the mines where the diamonds are first unearthed began in style. Flying from across cities, select partners a few of them being Abaran, Hazoorilal Jewellers, Joyalukkas, Khanna Jewellers, were then treated to five days of immersing themselves into the experience that a diamond goes through and more so, enjoying the natural habitat of the home of these beautiful creations.

The itinerary included the launch of Forevermark in South Africa. It was a cocktail evening where Indian jewelers interacted with Forevermark officials like Stephen Lussier, CEO, Forevermark and people from the trade in South Africa.