Father's Day: Great gifts for dads

[dropcap cap=A]s more men accept jewelry as a way of expressing their individual style, sons, daughters, grandchildren and wives are asking their favorite jewelers for advice on what to purchase for that special guy in their lives. Carry an assortment that can go from classical to fashionable, with a little whimsy thrown in. Invite customers in for a shopping day and create a themed event that’s fun for the kids and involves them in the process of gift-giving.[/dropcap]


[h3]Thistle & Bee[/h3]

MONEY CLIP: Sterling silver money clip

TELL ’EM THIS: The embossed croc pattern adds a fashionable touch to a classic money clip for the dad who has everything and a taste for something a bit more

: $190

CONTACT: (888) 288-2801 www.thistleandbee.net



heather benjamin

[h3]Heather Benjamin[/h3]

CUFFLINKS: 22K gold vermeil with banded agate

These rough-hewn stone cuff links are for the man who has a strong sense of self and style, a guy who can mix rugged with tailored and give a traditional suit an unexpected look.


CONTACT: At Sola (212) 620-0988 www.heatherbenjaminla.com



[h3]Golf Passion by Alfredo[/h3]

CLOCK: The solid silver golf ball with Germanmade clock is part of a collection of golf-themed jewelry and executive gifts.

TELL ’EM THIS: This is for all the dads who watch the clock till it’s tee time.


CONTACT: (610) 558-2802 www.golfpassion.com




[h3]Heston Designs[/h3]

RING: Square-front sterling-silver ring with black diamond pavé

  Due to the ever-growing category of men’s jewelry, more designers are balancing original yet wearable styling, as displayed in this ring. Consider this the male counterpart to the much-marketed women’s right-hand ring.

MSRP: $700

CONTACT: (415) 499-7635 www.hestondesigns.com





BRACELET: Italian stainless-steel men’s bangle with cable and rubber

TELL 'EM THIS: Masculine and casual at a great price point; this is the perfect gift for any dad who appreciates a versatile and enduring piece of jewelry.

MSRP: $90

CONTACT: (514) 388-5777 www.italgemjewellers.com





FATHER KNOWS BEST You aren’t selling to Dad; you are selling to people who love Dad. This is one time to definitely keep your props focused and even a bit stereotypical.   

Larry B. Johnson is the author of The Complete Guide To Effective Jewelry Display. Contact him through www.effectivejewelrydisplay.com.

GET SPORTY: Sports-related props are always a good way to go. Props should suggest kids’ sports (not pro) with a whistle, baseball and mitt. Never use game tickets as they might suggest an alternative to jewelry!

HANDS-ON: Colorful plastic tools convey Dad on the weekend, doing handy things around the house. If you use a toolbox, lace some Band-Aids inside or have them near the other props for a playful attitude.

TRAD-DAD: Traditional heartwarming photos of an older dad might appeal to the grown-up customer with more purchasing power. Use props such as pictures,
frames, and for a bit of vintage flair, consider an antique toy.

[span class=note]This story is from the April 2010 edition of INSTORE[/span]