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Uh-Oh, Even Sarah Jessica Parker's Now in Hand Cuffs April 23, 2014
InStyle says consumers will be "obsessing over" touch-chic accessory. Another voice has joined the...
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Transgender Model/Designer Blazes Trails with Unisex Jewelry April 23, 2014
Young Serbian models both men’s and women’s fashions. With Doogie Howser/Barney Stinson/Neil Patrick...
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Robert Procop Takes His Emerald Collection on Tour April 23, 2014
First stop is Friday in Palo Alto. The much anticipated three-stop tour of designer (and business...
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SBA Changes Some Rules for Small Business Loans April 23, 2014
Agency says they’re hoping to make loans a little easier to get. They’re still by no means easy...
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Designers Talk $30 Billion Wearable Tech Market at NYC Symposium April 23, 2014
Some are interested in what smart jewelry can tell them. Several brand-name designers took part in...
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Is Gold Becoming Green? Is Gold Becoming Green? April 23, 2014, published in Designers/Jewelry
Another Earth Day is history , and with it a one-day frenzy of tree planting, recycling tips and potentially alarming statistics...
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On Critics and Knuckleheads On Critics and Knuckleheads April 21, 2014, published in Customer Service
To be successful in business, you have to be able to take criticism and make changes as needed. However, you also have to be able...
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Bummer! Another 404 Error Page Bummer! Another 404 Error Page April 18, 2014, published in Customer Service
If you’ve spent a bit of time exploring the new over the past few months, you’ve no doubt run into the occasional...
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Fill in the Blank: Can't Help Noticing Fill in the Blank: Can't Help Noticing April 18, 2014, published in Around the Web
Welcome to "Fill in the Blank," a weekly helping of nutritious thought for growing jewelry store owners.
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Goodbye, Barbara—and Bye-bye, Brooches? Goodbye, Barbara—and Bye-bye, Brooches? April 16, 2014, published in Designers/Jewelry
When Barbara Walters bids adieu to The View on May 16, one thing is certain: The national TV audience will no longer get their...
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