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Do Customers Lie?

WHY? "I'll be back. It's too much money. I want to shop around." Ever wonder if shoppers take a class on what objections will get them out of buying when they think the price is too high?

HOW? Ask, "Is it the price of this particular piece, or is it more than you wanted to spend today?" If they say it's the price of that piece, it's value - time to add another feature/benefit (hopefully you saved a big one for this purpose). If it's more than they wanted to spend, it's budget. Ask the dreaded question, "How much did you want to spend today?" When they tell you, show something in that range but without enhancing it. They may buy it, or many times will return to the original piece. If they want first the piece and price is still a factor, suggest a credit plan or layaway.

SOURCE: Harry J. Friedman, The Friedman Group.

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