My First Time: Denise Oros


Published in the May 2012 issue.

My first false alarm. In my first store, I had just had my alarm installed, and sure enough, with the ultrasonic cleaner laden with a rack full of rings after a hard morning of polishing, the pitch set off the silent alarm.

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Utterly unaware of this, I was sitting behind my bench resting while on the phone with my personal banker, who was telling me her own story of just being robbed at gunpoint the week before.

Suddenly, the front door bursts open and a large double barreled shotgun drops into my view. In that instant, I chuck the phone and begin screaming, Screaming, screaming! I cannot shut off my mouth. The officer starts shouting too, wanting to know if anyone else is in the store with me. In the meantime, my banker calls the police to report a robbery.

I stand up, arms over head and step out from behind my desk, very round, a little over 7 months pregnant, still screaming, “Nooooo! Don’t shoot!”

It is now the officer’s turn to freak out. He asks: “Are you in labor?”

The fiasco does not politely end there. My store was located on the main thoroughfare of the city, and the police cruiser that responded to the call was left running in the parking lot with its doors open. A patrolling sheriff’s department deputy is distracted by the scene and accidentally rear-ends a stopped city bus right in front of my parking lot! So then a state police trooper is called in to preside over the melee. Since it was mid-July and scorching hot, they all ended up inside my store while everything got sorted out.

My first alarm response was way more bizarre than the easy delivery of my first born! — Denise Oros, Linnea Jewelers, La Grange, IL