Brand Ambassadors: Debbie Klein

Boulder retailer explains the addictive designs and durable quality of Anne Sportun jewelry.


Published in the March-April2012 issue

"Ireally do have to credit Anne with launching me into the world of fine jewelry,” says Art + Soul owner Debbie Klein. When Sportun and business partner Barb Kelly met Klein eight years ago, Art + Soul was mostly selling silver and craft jewelry. She thought the line would work in upscale-but-relaxed Boulder, but she worried that she wasn’t ready to sell that level of product. “They told me they’d help. I don’t know how I would have gotten here without them teaching me and providing me with me merchandise. It’s a great story, considering we’re one of their top accounts now.”

CUSTOMERS LOVE IT BECAUSE: “Anne’s tagline is ‘Precious. Everyday.’ And that’s exactly what my clientele goes for. Boulder is a funny town. It’s very sophisticated, but you have to talk to your clients about not rock climbing or kayaking in their rings.”

IT'S EASY TO SELL BECAUSE: “People are addicted to this line. They might start out with an engagement ring or a right-hand ring, but they get more because it all works together without being too matchy.”

THE MOST POPULAR PIECES ARE: “We do a lot of engagement rings. When people are just starting to look, you can really take the time and go through the line. It offers a lot of possibilities for custom work, and they make it very easy to work with first-time clients who could be intimidated by the process.”

I LIKE WORKING WITH THEM BECAUSE: “We’ve had Anne in the store doing design on the fly with some of our clients. They love meeting her, and the company is so accommodating in terms of working with clients, custom work, crazy deadlines. I just couldn’t be happier, because they really want us to succeed.”

I'D RECOMMEND IT TO ANOTHER RETAILER BECAUSE: “I’ve done that many, many times at trade shows. Every time I’m at their booth at a show, people come over and start to ooh and aah, and I tell them I can absolutely say there is something for everyone at this line.”

"Debbie and her staff have built a steady and devoted clientele for our brand. Our twice-yearly shows there are legendary. We’re pleased that Anne Sportun has been No. 1 at Art + Soul for years.” — ANNE SPORTUN

Brand Ambassadors: Debbie Klein