Four years after being robbed by dapper thieves, a London jeweler tries to recover his diamonds.

This wasn't your typical smash-and-grab job. A pair of men dressed to the nines arrived at London's Graff Diamonds in a Bentley and appeared to be serious buyers. But once the sales clerk unlocked the display case with expensive merchandise, the situation rapidly turned into an armed robbery that would end with the thieves escaping with more than $20 million in jewelry. “It is not every day that people use a Bentley to arrive at a premises they intend to rob,” Detective Sgt. Sarah Staff of the London police said at the time. Now the jeweler has a couple of lawsuits in a Manhattan court, seeking the return of two of the stolen gems — one weighing more than 16 carats, the other 4.20 carats — that are currently held in New York by the Gemological Institute of America.

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