Swiss jeweler showcases jewelry confections in spectacular style.


 [dropcap cap=FAWAZ GRUOSI ] founded de Grisogono in 1993, and brought the company to prominence by creating an entire collection based on black diamonds. The Swiss jeweler added watches to the line in 2000. Today, de Grisogono is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=1] WHY IT’S EXCEPTIONAL: The jewelry footage that greets the consumer as she opens the website is gorgeous, spinning and glistening to a modern music beat.[/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=2]  WHY IT WORKS FOR THE BRAND: The jewelry selection highlighted in the opening speaks for itself. The shapes are original, but it’s the colors
that really steal your breath, implying that de Grisogono is on the cutting edge of jewelry design. [/dropcap]

[dropcap cap=3]  MORE GREATNESS HERE: Click the “High Jewellery” link for more jaw-dropping, close-up video that slowly, sweetly reveals the intricate beauty of the brand’s masterpieces. [/dropcap]

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 [span class=note]This story is from the January-February 2011 edition of INDESIGN[/span]

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