Robbins’ Brothers floor manager says bridal jewelry from Michael M. glitters like nobody’s business.


[dropcap cap=THERE'S A LOT OF] variety in the Michael M. bridal line. Retail price points range from $2,000 to $12,000, not including the center stone, and the wide array of looks offers something to satisfy a broad spectrum of tastes. “Some people admire the rings for the design elements of the setting alone, whereas others like how they emphasize the center diamond,” says Nicole Vietor. But what the floor manager at Robbins Brothers’ Torrance, CA store really likes about the line is how consistent it is. To a one, the pieces are striking and glitter like nobody’s business, but aren’t showy or trendy. And, Vietor can assure her customers that the appropriate level of care has gone into them: “It takes more than 50 people, from casting to quality control, to finish each Michael M. piece.” — STORY BY JOSH WIMMER[/dropcap]

On what customers like about Michael M.: “The line jumps out of the case. Each setting is really diamond-intense — Michael M. does that by using less metal. The sparkle factor is incredible.”

On who buys the line: “Typically, highly educated, very fashionable women. They’re designer-oriented, so a Michael M. buyer is probably wearing a designer bag. They’re stylish but still classy. She’s probably mid- 20s to 50s. That’s a big range, but the line has so many pieces in it that it makes that possible.”

On the line’s appeal: “Often, when jewelry is too fashionable, it’s not going to look good forever, but all Michael M. pieces are fashion-forward and stylish while
staying timeless.”

On what makes the line’s look unique: “Most of the rings incorporate both channel- and pavé-set diamonds, and that mix adds to the sparkle. They also use
a Euro shank, which adds a sense of luxury.”

On how to sell Michael M.: “I really emphasize ‘less metal, more diamonds,’ because that’s what makes the diamonds sparkle so much. Showing each piece under the microscope really helps clients see the craftsmanship.”

On how the designer supports the line: “Michael’s son, Peter, has come to the store and talked to us about the line. Having that sort of personal relationship
makes us more comfortable approaching the company with things that we need. We’ve had several situations where typical special-order timelines would
have missed the client’s proposal date, and Peter’s helped us make those deadlines.”

On the designer going the extra mile: “We had one bride who loved one of the designs but wanted to change the head of the basket to make a ‘W,’ because her future last initial was going to be a ‘W.’ They went over CAD designs with us and nailed the perfect design.”

1. Floating circle pendant in 18K white gold. MSRP: $6,450

2. Cascading pavé circles earrings in 18K white gold. MSRP: $8,520

3. Handcrafted U-set and channelset engagement semi-mount in 18K white gold. MSRP: $6,740

4. Pavé fl ower cocktail ring in 18K white gold. MSRP: $6,580

5. Pavé dagger earrings in 18K white gold. MSRP: $5,230

“During an in-store training, Nicole took the time to share her thoughts on the collection with us and helped us define our focal points even further. The language she used to describe our rings, ‘silky smooth,’ was pitch-perfect, and she wowed us with her extensive knowledge of the technical aspect of the rings.” — PETER MEKSIAN , CEO OF MICHAEL M.

[span class=note]This story is from the January-February 2011 edition of INDESIGN[/span]


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