[dropcap cap=T]he must-have gifts for your store are those that Dad can wear regularly, reminding him of how his kids feel. Personalized and engravable items have grown stronger in this market and offer a new way to bond with Dad over special moments and memories.  — BETH BERNSTEIN[/dropcap]


[h3]Carrera Y Carrera[/h3]

CUFFLINKS: 18K yellow gold cylindrical cufflinks with blue sapphire accents

TELL ’EM THIS: Streamlined and tailored, these are the perfect accents for the father who updates his suits with a bit of personal flair in accessories.

MSRP: $3,135
(212) 753-8877




CUFFLINKS: Sterling silver motif cufflinks with smoky topaz accents

TELL ’EM THIS: These oxidized gothic-style cross discs with an unexpected back of a smoky topaz barrel will help Dad make an edgy fashion statement.

MSRP: $319
(888) KIR-COLL



BRACELET: Men’s sterling silver and 18K yellow gold cuff bracelet

TELL ’EM THIS: This bracelet has contrasting woven textures with a polished finish for a sleek yet casual look, which can work for the classical or edgier dad.

MSRP: $695
(888) 253-6600



[h3]Metalsmiths Sterling[/h3]

RING: Sterling silver and black onyx ring

TELL ’EM THIS: The ring Dad will never take off — a signet style in the ultimate classic combination of sterling silver and black onyx.

MSRP: $228
(877) 425-4299



[h3]Kelly Waters[/h3]

MONEY CLIP: Base metal hinged money clip with a gold finish, which uses 200 percent more gold than gold plate for longevity.

TELL ’EM THIS: The etched design adds an old-word quality to this basic money clip as does the engravable center, upon which Dad’s initials can be inscribed.

MSRP: $50
(800) 647-7017




[h3]Robin Rotenier[/h3]
[smalltext](in collaboration with Walt Disney Signature)[/smalltext]

CUFFLINKS: Sterling silver men’s cufflinks.

TELL ’EM THIS: This design is inspired by the 1928 short film that introduced Mickey Mouse to the world. Give Dad the magic of this nostalgic icon — a memento for the beloved guy who helped you grow up.

MSRP: $345
(212) 768-1117


BUILD TRAFFIC BY MAKING SHOPPING FOR DAD FUN! Encourage creativity in gifts by showing a few unique pieces in addition to the more traditional options. Don’t forget to extend your props into your watch cases. Fathers come in many forms; celebrate them all.

Larry B. Johnson is senior vice president of Pacific Northern in Carrollton, TX, and the author of The Complete Guide to Effective Jewelry Display. Contact him through www.effectivejewelrydisplay.com.


TRAD-DAD: Stay conservative in props for your cases with higher-end gifts. This customer expects classic elegance as well as value. Feature the good stuff in this area.

GET INTO THE GAME: Here we can show Dad as coach, golfer, NASCAR junkie, biker, hunter, etc. This will connect with the mid-price-point customer. Show some prices on a few pieces to help them decide.

FIT TO BE TIED: Does Dad really need more ties? Combat the obvious Father’s Day present by poking a little fun at this default gift.

[span class=note]This story is from the April 2011 edition of INSTORE[/span] 


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