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At the end of the  year, it's always fun to look back at which stories have attracted the most reader interest.

Below are the 10 most popular INSTORE stories of 2017 based on web clicks. Note that there may have been further developments in these stories since they were published.

1. This Curious Engagement Ring Style Is Starting to Turn Heads. Raw diamonds are reportedly catching on for brides who want their engagement rings to be unique.

2. Salary Survey: Here's How Much People Are Making in the Jewelry Business. Are you paying below or above market rates for your sales team, bench jeweler and manager? Big Survey 2017 looked at how much money industry professionals are making.

3. Here's the Millennial Engagement Ring Trend Everyone Is Talking About. Many young people are going for color in their engagement rings, choosing stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

4. These Are the Best-Performing Jewelry Brands of 2017. For the second straight year, Gabriel & Co. took the top spot in our Big Survey (with 14 percent of the vote), garnering the most votes when readers were asked to name the three best-performing brand-name jewelry lines that they carry.

5. This Jewelry Trend Is Suddenly Everywhere — and It's a Huge Sales Opportunity. If you're only selling earrings in pairs, you might be missing out on an important trend. Among women in their 20s, "secondary piercings" have become commonplace, some designers say.

6. Constant Innovation Keeps the Kessler's Diamond Formula Fresh. This store, which was honored in our America's Coolest Stores contest, is notable for several reasons, including the enthasiasm with which owner Richard Kessler has embraced lab-grown diamonds.

7. Jeweler Apologizes for Controversial Billboard. The owners of Spicer Greene Jewelers in Asheville, NC, were trying to be playful with their new billboard, but some local residents found it offensive.

8. The Jewelry Industry Has Lost Something Incredibly Important, Group Says. The Diamond Producers Association said the industry has a major issue: It's lost its passion. In other words, it's failing to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

9. Jeweler Sues — and Wins — Over Bad Yelp Review. A jeweler in Quincy, MA, has won a lawsuit against the employee of a rival business in a case that centered on a negative Yelp review.

10. 100 Things a Jewelry Salesperson Should Never Do. We actually published this story in 2013, and it has turned into a perennial favorite, continuing to attract readers year after year.


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A Worry-Free Way to Close Shop

Ron Pierro, owner of Pierro's Jewelers in Brandenton, Florida, chose Wilkerson to run his going out of business sale. From marketing to on-site sale management, Wilkerson did it all--giving Ron the kind of closure that only comes from trusting the best. Wilkerson.


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